Join the best PTSA!

It is time for The School for Creative Studies PTSA elections for the 2022-2023 school year!

If you are interested in joining the best PTSA this side of Durham, please nominate yourself using the link above. The nomination window for our elected positions (President, Vice President(s), Secretary, Treasurer) ends May 18th during our virtual PTSA meeting. 

Once our newest board is in place, they will elect the chairs and members of the standing committees, PTSA teacher liaison(s) and the at-large members. If you are interested in a committee position (chair or member), being our teacher liaison or an at-large member, please nominate yourself using the link. If you have any questions or concerns, please email  A brief description of each position/committee is below.


– Oversees and coordinates the work of an executive board to run a PTA effectively
– Presides at PTA board and association meetings
– Serves as the official contact, communicator and representative of a PTA
– Designated as an authorized signer for PTA checks, contracts and authorizations for payment
– Serves as ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating and audit committees
– Works with other PTA leaders to connect families, school and community to support student success

Vice President

The vice president(s) shall perform duties requested by the president and the board of directors. In the event of a vacancy in the office of president, the vice president, or the vice presidents acting together if there is more than one, shall assume the duties of the president until a new president is elected.


– Takes minutes at board and association meetings or arranges for someone to do so, in the case of the Secretary’s absence.
– Co-signs formal papers with president: authorizations for payment, resolutions and formal letters
– Handles PTA correspondence as directed by the president
– Maintains and preserves PTA records and important documents to pass on at the end of the term


– Maintains permanent records to track unit funds and financial transactions
– Chairs budget committee and prepares annual budget for adoption by the association
– Pays all PTA bills as authorized by board or association
– Prepares reports for every board and association meeting and an annual financial report
– Ensures taxes and reports required by PTA bylaws, insurance or federal and state governments are completed and submitted by the due dates

COMMITTEES (elected by the board of directors)

Teacher Liaison

The SCS teacher elected to this position creates a link between the teachers and the Board of Directors. It is the responsibility of the teacher liaison to share information with the teachers about meetings, upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. Teachers are able to share suggestions, opinions and concerns with the liaison that are reported back to the board. 

Audit Committee

– Audits the books and financial records of a PTA to determine their accuracy
– Presents written reports on audits to the board and the association for adoption
– Forwards copies of adopted audits to council/district PTA as indicated in unit bylaws

Advocacy Committee

The advocacy committee shall develop and organize meetings, activities, and programs to further the goals and purposes of PTA. This committee is tasked with improving communications and relationships between school staff and families; educating families and caregivers on important issues related to the health and educational success of their children; and helping to make each child’s potential a reality.

Nominating Committee

Throughout the year, the nominating committee is tasked with identifying talented, motivated, and responsible individuals to serve as officers of this local PTA.

Resource Development Committee

– Helps to plan and organize fundraising activities
– Focuses on raising the amount of funds needed to meet the unit’s budget
– Presents reports on proposed fundraising activities at board and association meetings for approval

Communications Committee

The communications committee shall help to promote PTSA events by creating and sharing information using methods such as social media, the PTSA website, newsletters (digital or print), emails, flyers, banners, word of mouth, etc. 

Membership Committee

The membership committee is responsible for creating and implementing a membership plan, promoting membership throughout the year, providing membership reports at PTSA board and association meetings and collecting dues.

Reflections Committee

The National PTA Reflections program is a celebration of the importance of arts education that spans nationwide and in American schools overseas. The Reflections program offers recognition in the following categories: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography and Visual Arts. The theme for the 2022-2023 school year is “Show Your Voice!” This committee helps to promote, gather entries and celebrate students at SCS who participate in this program. If you would like to learn more, please utilize the following link.

Volunteer Committee

The volunteer committee coordinates and identifies ways and options available for parents/guardians and community members to assist as volunteers with PTSA and school programs, activities and events. 

Food Pantry Committee (The SCS CHEST)

This focus of this committee is the food pantry inside of SCS. Creatively named, The SCS CHEST (Community Healthy Eating Support Team). Throughout the year, this committee comes together to give donated food to our school community and our surrounding community. They help to keep the food organized, safe and available to anyone who is able to use this resource.

At-Large Membership

An At-Large member is a board member who doesn’t hold an officer or committee chair position. At-Large members serve on the board and help in various capacities as needed.

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