Color Battle FAQ’s

What are the donations for?

We’re raising money at The School for Creative Studies for Campus Beautification, Marquee for School Communications and more…

Your goal is to get donations over the next 2 weeks to help our school. To reward you for gathering donations, our school will be hosting the 1st Annual Color Battle Event on Thursday, March 5th

What are the prizes?

The more donations you raise, the more color powder packets you’ll earn to use during the event, as well as raffle entries for a chance to win a prize of your choice: iPad Mini, Apple Watch, Chromebook, $150 gift card, or Beats Solo 3. Once you raise the minimum required to attend the Color Battle Event, you’ll get a cool Color Battle t-shirt to wear during the fun. There are other prizes too that you’ll find listed on your Access Code Sheet, and we’ll even have fun daily challenges where classes and individuals can win in other ways too!

What is the Color Battle? 

The color battle is sort of like a color run except you don’t have to run. It will last for about 45 minutes during the school day and you’ll get to have fun getting covered in color powder, listening to music and hanging out with your friends. We’ll also have some fun games where you can earn more color powder packets. If you don’t want to get colored at the event, that’s ok! You’ll still get to hang out with your friends, listen to music and have fun!

How much do I need to raise so I can go to the Color Battle event?

You’ll need to raise a minimum of $30 in total donations.  For example, you can get $30 from just 1 person or it can be $10 each from 3 different people that want to support our school.

Who can I get donations from?

Mom, dad, aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents work friends, neighbors, coaches etc. The only people you can’t ask for donations from are your teacher, or people you don’t know.

How much can the donation be for, and how many donations can I get?

The minimum donation amount is $5, but you can get donations of $10, $20, even $100 or any other amount. There is no limit on the amount of donations you can get. 

How can I get donations?

You have 2 options:

1. Go the and enter your access code (you’ll find your access code on the Access Code Sheet you received after the pep rally)

Then, share your donation page with family/friends by using the Share Wizard feature after you login.  You can use the Share Wizard to send a text message or email, or post to Facebook or Twitter with a link to your donation page so people can make a donation. It’s super easy!

Family and friends can donate online by going to the link you send them then selecting the “Donate” button on your donation page and completing all the steps.


2. Call or ask family/friends for donations and bring their cash or check payment to school during the 2 weeks before the Color Battle.

What do I do if I get cash or check donations? 

Bring your cash or check donations to school and hand in at the front hall in front of the cafeteria to a member of the Color Battle Team and PTA during homeroom.  Also, a member of the Color Battle Team will enter the donation into the online system for you, so you get credit. Please make sure that checks are made out to The School for Creative Studies PTSA.

When is the last day I can get donations?

You can get donations up until Wednesday, March 4th prior to the Color Battle on Thursday, March 5th.