Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

On Monday, February 24th we will be kicking off our 1st annual Color Battle Fundraiser

This is an amazing, fun event students can participate in on Thursday, March 5thStudents can earn packets of color powder to be thrown and launched in the air in some fun games and battles. It’s awesome!

For the next 2 weeks students will be encouraged to get pledges from family and friends to help their school.  Each student will receive an access code for our website (Anython.com) which can track all pledges they receive.

A minimum of $30 raised is needed to participate in the event.

This is a major Fundraiser and we are raising funds for Campus Beautification, Marquee for School Communications and more…

On Monday, February 24th we will launch the fundraiser with a pep rally in the gym.

During the pep rally, we will show students how to use the fundraising website by suggesting they pull out their cell phones to login to their unique donation page at Anython.com and share a link to their donation page with potential sponsors including family and family friends.  Students will be able to share a link to their donation page via email, SMS text, Facebook and Twitter. The purpose of this is to demo the site so students understand how to use it, as well as to kick off the fundraiser for students/parents who wish to participate.

If you would prefer that your child not participate in the share challenge portion of the pep rally, that’s ok, please just advise your child not to use their cell phone at the pep rally.


** To Prepare for Monday’s Kickoff **

In preparation for this Kickoff, we will ask students to come to the pep rally with at least 20 emails and cell phone numbers of family and friends (potential sponsors) in an email or written down on a piece of paper.  Please help your students gather at least 20 emails of family and friends. You can text them this list so they can open it on their phones at the pep rally. This step is extremely crucial to a successful launch to our fundraiser.

How to:

Visit this link for an easy, 3-minute tutorial on how to gather these emails into a text message.


Thank you for your continued support!